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disabled youth hockey!


"Mom, I'm FINALLY on a team!" said 10-year old Spencer after his first sled hockey practice.  

We are the Wheelchair Sports Federation New York Sled Rangers, a sled hockey program for physically disabled youth ages 5 through 21.  We are one of the very few outlets for physically disabled kids to play competitive sports in New York City.  

When our disabled athletes walk or wheel into their classrooms, and they say they are hockey players, it makes their able-bodied friends look at them differently, it makes their parents look at them differently, and it makes them think about themselves differently.  We are increasing independence, developing self-esteem,  and growing self-confidence through something as simple as playing sports.  In addition, we are exposing them to the teamwork, friendship, and competition that comes from playing sport; this is common for most able-bodied kids but very rare for the physically disabled.

We are based in New York City, and have kids from Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland Counties, and Southern Connecticut.

We are committed to covering 100% of the costs for any athlete who wants to play, and we are determined to introduce even more kids to the great sport of sled hockey.

Sled hockey allows children and adults with physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy an adaptive version of traditional ice hockey, with similar concepts and rules. The main difference is that, instead of standing, competitors sit on an adaptive device known as a sled, which is fitted with two skate blades and a runner in front, forming a tripod. Players also employ two shortened hockey sticks with a pick (similar to the tip of a figure skate) on one end, which enables them to propel themselves across the ice, similar to cross country skiing. Checking and high-speed slap shots are common features of the sport. 

Guided by the belief that the benefits of athletic competition are no different for athletes with disabilities than for able-bodied athletes, Wheelchair Sports Federation sponsors a wide variety of wheelchair recreational and adaptive sports programs in NY and around the country. 

The WSF NY Sled Rangers is actively looking for children to participate on their sled hockey team. 

For more information, please email info@wsfsledrangers.org.